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69-550KV SF6 Circuit Breakers, 15KV Vacuum Breakers, Generator Main Breakers, GIS, System Studies, Power Electronics, FACTS, HVDC BtoB tie, STATCOM & SVC

Power Transformers 2.5MVA - 1800MVA (top rated) through 500KV.  Transformer Installation, Vacuum Processing, Testing, Maintenance, Thermal Upgrades and Repairs, LTC Maintenance & Repairs‚Äč.  Transformer Health Products, Replacement Parts All Brands of Load Tap Changers and Circuit Breakers & LTC Training Classes.

Porcelain Transmission & Substation Insulators including Line and Station Posts, Struts and Suspension Bells

XLPE & EPR Power Cables, 600V Secondary Cables, Control Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, a Full Line of Overhead Cables for Transmission & Distribution Including T-2 Conductor

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15KV-765KV Substation Air Break Switches, Hookstick Switches & Motor Operators

Metal-Clad & Metal Enclosed Switchgear and Bus Duct

Engineered Laminated Wood Products, Engineered Groundline Reinforcing Products and Products for Gaining Structure Heights

Prysmian Group

Manufacturers' Representatives Serving the Electric Power Industry Since 1978

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