Pascor Atlantic
Mitsubishi Electric

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Metal-Clad & Metal Enclosed Switchgear and Bus Duct

69-550KV SF6 Circuit Breakers, 15KV Vacuum Breakers, Generator Main Breakers, GIS, System Studies, Power Electronics, FACTS, HVDC BtoB tie, STATCOM & SVC

Engineered Laminated Wood Products, Engineered Groundline Reinforcing Products and Products for Gaining Structure Heights

Power Transformers 2.5MVA - 1800MVA (top rated) through 500KV.  Transformer Installation, Vacuum Processing, Testing, Maintenance, Thermal Upgrades and Repairs, LTC Maintenance & Repairs‚Äč.  Transformer Health Products, Replacement Parts All Brands of Load Tap Changers and Circuit Breakers & LTC Training Classes.

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Prysmian Group
Powercon Corp.

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Fax: 319 351 8520

XLPE & EPR Power Cables, 600V Secondary Cables, Control Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, a Full Line of Overhead Cables for Transmission & Distribution Including T-2 Conductor

Cahoon Sales, Inc.

15KV-765KV Substation Air Break Switches, Hookstick Switches & Motor Operators

Laminated Wood Systems

Manufacturers' Representatives Serving the Electric Power Industry Since 1978